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Frequently Asked Questions

Section: My Online Accounts

  • Do I need to have an account to shop online with Jerry’s Foods?

    Yes, you need a Rewards Account and a Shopping Account to shop online with County Market, and creating both is quick and easy. To start shopping online in minutes, begin by creating a County Market Rewards Account at www.jerryscountymarket or on the County Market app. Be sure to provide a correct phone number. Then visit and register for your brand new Jerry’s Foods online Shopping Account. Be sure to provide the same phone number as before in order to sync your loyalty number and maximize your savings. After confirming your email and phone number, you will be ready to start shopping online with County Market.

  • Do I need a County Market Rewards Account to make a County Market online Shopping Account?

    Yes. A Rewards Account is a required part of the County Market online shopping experience, saving customers money and awarding them loyalty points both in-person and online whenever they shop with us at any of our County Market locations.

  • I am already a County Market Rewards Member. Do I need to create a new account?

    Yes. All online shoppers will need to create a new Shopping Account in order to shop online or through the County Market App. Just create a new account at, and when registering be sure to use the SAME phone number from your pre-existing County Market Rewards Account to sync your loyalty number and maximize your savings.

  • How do I change my email address or other online information?

    Personal information for both your County Market Rewards Account and your County Market Shopping Account can be changed at any time by making sure you are currently logged into whichever account you wish to change, and then going to the “My Account” page. Once there you will be able to update and save your new information.

  • Will my credit card information be stored on the County Market website when using my online Shopping Account?

    While online transactions with your County Market Shopping Account are safely and securely processed in a single one-time transaction, County Market shoppers have the option of saving their credit card information in our system for added convenience. These saved payment methods can be added, managed, and deleted from your “My Account” page. Furthermore, the safety of your information is vital to our business. All security technology we use to protect customer information fully complies with top-of-the-line industry standards, and our information security processes are approved by outside experts.

  • I’m struggling to log into my account. What can I do?

    In the event that you are not able to successfully log into one of your County Market accounts, there are a number of methods you can try to get yourself logged back in.

    1. Password recovery is one option for regaining access to your account. Just click the “Forgot your Password” button on the login screen and enter your email address. A link will be sent to you with instructions to reset your password.
    1. It may also be possible that, as a result of an update to the County Market online experience, you need to register for a new account with County Market. Try registering your information again, and linking your new accounts with the same phone number.
    1. If you continue to struggle after following these steps, call your local County Market to have the problem addressed directly.

Section: Using Your Online Shopping Account

  • Does County Market have a mobile app I can use to shop online?

    Yes! We are happy to offer the County Market mobile app on both Apple and Google Play storefronts. Customers can download it onto their devices to enjoy an easy and effective way to shop at County Market on-the-go.

  • How do I know when my order is confirmed?

    You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been received by our system. This will confirm the items in your order, as well as your scheduled delivery or pickup time. You are also able to check on the status of current orders and review past orders, both through the “My Account” page on

  • Can I save items in my cart for later?

    Yes! Items added to your cart will be saved there until you complete your order, even if you close the app or the webpage. Just make sure you are logged in and when you return, your items will be waiting for you. It is also possible to make a saved list of items you are planning to order using the “Shopping List” function on the County Market website. From there, you can simply select the items you want to purchase, and then proceed to checkout.

  • I’m shopping online, and I can’t find an item I usually buy at my local County Market. Is everything that is available in-store also available online?

    We’re sorry! We do our best to ensure that all your favorite County Market items make the seamless transition from our store shelves to our online website, but sometimes it isn’t always possible. Rarely an item may be mislisted or out-of-stock, or other times unique or seasonal products may not make it to our webpage. That said, we’re always working to improve our online experience and we love to hear recommendations from customers about what they want to see added to our online store. Please contact your local County Market directly so they can see about adding your preferred item to our online storefront today.

Section: Delivery and Curbside Pickup

  • How do I resolve an issue with my order?

    If you are missing a receipt, or items from your order, or have questions about a substitution, you can reach out by phone to the County Market location from which you ordered, and have the situation resolved right away.

  • What do I do if my order doesn’t show up at the appointed time?

    Call your County Market location and we’ll provide you with an update about your order immediately. Phone numbers for each of our County Market locations can be found here.

  • Do I have to be present to receive my delivery from County Market?

    While we will only leave deliveries unattended with your prior approval, we are happy to offer both contactless or away delivery. Just add a note to your order at checkout specifying how you’d like your delivery to go and we will work to oblige you. Please be aware that any order containing beer, wine, or spirits will need to be received in person, as we are legally required to check IDs for individuals purchasing alcohol.

Section: Miscellaneous questions

  • Will I receive emails if I use my email address to make an online account with County Market?

    All customers who make an online Shopping Account will receive emails with specific information about their online activities with County Market. This includes stuff like order confirmations and updates, as well as password reset and confirmation emails. You also have the option to opt into our customer email program and receive special email reminders about upcoming deals and sales, as well as exclusive coupons. However, County Market will never spam your email with ads or provide your address to outside companies.

  • What is the refund policy when using my online Shopping Account?

    County Market is committed to freshness and customer satisfaction. Both our online storefront and the County Market App feature the same refund policy as our brick-and-mortar locations. Please contact your local County Market with any questions.

  • When ordering with my online Shopping Account, when will my credit card be charged?

    We will charge your credit card when your order is picked by one of our employees and then processed out for either delivery or curbside pickup.

  • Which web browsers can I use to shop online with County Market?

    Most common browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox are supported, in both mobile and desktop versions.

  • Can I place my County Market order over the phone?

    We do not accept orders over the phone, but you can always use the County Market app on your phone to place an online order with your Shopping Account.